In the same way most of us enjoy connecting with other smart people, our CEOs and Hiring Managers just want to talk with talented individuals. They hire across their organizations and often will opportunistically "create roles" for the right person.

We're always happy to start by framing the conversation as an "intro" - the same way it would be if your friend intros you to a buddy - rather than an interview.


If the company is interesting, but the role doesn't seem to be a fit, just let us know!

Given the recent events surrounding COVID-19, the majority of our company partners have paused their hiring plans for the time being.
In the meantime, check out our open roles and fill out a general application so that we can reconnect when things return to a new normal.


Stay safe and healthy! 

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San Francisco, CA

Pricing & Strategy @ FinTech Payments 


Operations @ Blockchain Tech



VP of BizOps @ Travel Tech

San Francisco, CA


New YRemote

Protocol Labs

Los Angeles

Hotel Engine

Boston, MA

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