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2019 Compensation Study Results

In 2019 we created a compensation survey to gather data on salaries in startups, and we're doing it again--fill it out here @ Comp Survey 2020 and we'll send you the data.


Last year we got over 200 responses about salaries, and we segmented the data by location, age, role, and company size.

Below are a few quick takeaways from our survey: 

Will I make more in SF or NY?
Does salary increase on your birthday?
unnamed (1).jpg
How does comp change by company size?
unnamed (2).jpg
A few other comparisons on base salary... 


By gender

Women: $134k   


Men $144k 


From private top 10 university: $147k     


From public top 10 university: $135k


  • Analyst/Associate/Lead level: $122k 

  • Manager level: $137k

  • VP/Director/Executive: $160k

To see the full data set, fill out our 2020 Compensation Survey and we'll send you the 2019 data right away.


We're hoping to get 1000 responses this year, and will share the complete 2020 data set with all respondents! 

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