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We don't push jobs. We work with candidates to understand their career goals.


And we try and actually be a resource as they explore want to do: operations, product, investing, or even go back to school.

We have a very specific niche focus: strategic and operational roles at startups.


So if one of our companies is a fit, great. Otherwise, we come from similar backgrounds and are happy to generally help and be a resource. We like to think of ourselves as "subsidized career counselors"

No - you will never pay us for it : )

Careers at leading startups

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Role descriptions and career paths

Business Operations

Also known as "Biz Ops" is a new term for the elite group of generalists who can jump into any problem with any part of the organization and own it from end-to-end.

Why your startup also needs a Biz Ops team


At a startup, this has a specific meaning to "growth marketing" at B2C companies. This means deep analytics around user acquisition, retention, and conversion.

Every company needs a growth manager

Strategic Finance

Sometimes this is the not-so-sexy aspect of finance. However, at a startup, it can span fundraising, strategic planning, sales ops, and tracking the health of the business.

Defining FP&A at a stranger's cocktail party

Chief of Staff

Often requires a high level of ownership and responsibility within any startup. Direct access to the CEO and executive team provides exposure to the critical operational decisions.

Chief of Staff, a Critical Role Among High Growth Startups


Many companies also call this  "Business Development." You'll interface with senior leaders at other startups or corporate partners to build products, co-brand marketing, and more.

Why and when strategic partnerships make sense for a startup

Customer Success

At a series A/B startup, this is NOT account management. You are the voice of the customer for product development and are expected to build the entire commercial side of the business.

Customer Success: The Best Kept Secret of Hyper-Growth Startups

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